Ali Bey Sorgun Hotel

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Side - Manavgat / Antalya
Guest Scores 9.0
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Ali Bey Sorgun Hotel, which started off with the motto of inexplicable livable, is located in Side, one of the favourite holiday spots of Antalya. The hotel offers you the very hospitable approach of Turkish people in a modern facility. The unique luxury and comfortable structure of each room, the superior quality service you can find in every corner of the hotel, allows you to reach your dream vacation. Every detail has been carefully prepared in this hotel where you can collect unforgettable memories.

Each room of the hotel has a modern design and is suitable for your needs. While choosing between different room alternatives, you should make a decision in accordance with your expectations.

Family Suite
Ali Bey Resort Sorgun Family Suite, which is offered to you with its large area and spaciousness, consists of two rooms. The number of bathrooms in the room is also two. One of the bathrooms has a Jacuzzi, the other has a shower. The width of the room is 61 sqm. You have the chance to determine which pillow you would like to have in your bed. You can choose whichever of the pillows offered to you on the pillow menu for a comfortable stay. Having a telephone in the room and bathroom is very important for emergencies. If you have a problem in the room, you can call the reception from the phone in the bathroom or in the room.

Deluxe Suite
These rooms have a bedroom and a large living room. Extremely stylish furniture and paintings used in the rooms of Alibey Resort Sorgun are in a structure that makes the environment you stay in very unique. The width of the rooms is 48 sqm. Special turn down service is available for guests staying in these rooms. 

Duplex Family Suite
These rooms, designed for families to have a comfortable holiday, have a master bedroom on the ground floor. There are two beds for children on the upper floor. One of the two bathrooms in the room has a Jacuzzi. The other has a normal shower. The modern structure and design of the room increases your accommodation pleasure. You can have a happy holiday with your children in these rooms that open the doors of a fabulous holiday to you. The ground floor of the room is 34 sqm big. The width of the upper floor is 28 sqm.

Deluxe Room
Ali Bey Resort Side Deluxe Rooms consist of differently designed rooms. These rooms are extremely comfortable for a holiday in the comfort of your own home. The width of the room is 30 - 36 sqm. You have the privilege to enjoy the Jacuzzi in your room.

Food & Beverage Services
There are restaurants at the hotel that offer you tastes from Turkish to world cuisine. In these extremely special restaurants, you can enjoy meals prepared by professional chefs in a hygienic environment in uniquely designed atmospheres.

A'la Restaurant
You can enjoy the most special meals in the A'la Restaurant. The architecture of the restaurant is in Ottoman style. While enjoying your breakfast in this restaurant, you do not have to limit your time. With the late breakfast option, you can enjoy your rich breakfast without getting up early. After dinner at Alibey Resort Sorgun, you don't have to wait until morning. You can meet the wonderful flavours in the restaurant, which also serves you with night snacks, at any time. The restaurant has flavours from many special parts of the world. For those who love seafood, magnificent meals are prepared with the unique fish of the Mediterranean. For those who would like to keep their shape during their stay, there are plenty of delicious salad options.

Keyf'i Safa A la Carte Restaurant (Anatolian Cuisine)
In this restaurant, there are many dishes from the Ottoman Empire that are legendary with their taste. You can have your choice of dishes between 19:00 and 21:00 in the restaurant, which only serves for dinner.

Derya Fish A La Carte Restaurant 
You can find the most distinguished tastes in the Alibey Resort Sorgun in open air restaurant Derya Fish A la Carte. The magnificent fish offered to us by the sea come to your table with different cooking techniques. You can enjoy romantic moments in this restaurant which only serves for dinner.

Mehtabe Beach Restaurant
Mehtabe, which is a very special spot for those who enjoy eating right by the sea, offers you different flavours.

Rana Aqua Restaurant
After enjoying the pleasure of Aqua Park, you can try the flavours offered to you for lunch at Rana Aqua Restaurant, which is right next to the Aqua Park area. As long as the weather conditions are suitable, the restaurant is open and ready to serve. 

Ali Bey Resort Side will give you fun moments. In order to learn tennis, a sport branch that will keep you in a perfect shape, you can attend the courses given by the trainers of PCT Tennis School at a certain fee. You can also use the hotel's courts to play tennis. 

Beach & Aqua Park
Spending time on the wide beach with a blue flag will be a complete pleasure for you. You can enjoy a privileged beach pleasure in the pavilions offered exclusively for you. Do not forget to have fun like a child at the hotel's aqua park.

Smara Spa
Massage pleasure relaxes your soul as well as your body. The kind of massages you want are applied to you by expert therapists. You have the chance to renew your body with the scrub and foam massage in the Turkish bath. Your pain is reduced with massages performed by reflexologists. With numerous massage techniques at Ali Bey Resort Side, you can relax your body on your holiday and return to your busy business life refreshed.

Special Activities for Children
Holidays with children can be difficult sometimes. Kids who are bored from everything quickly can make the holiday a dungeon when there is no special atmosphere for them. For this reason, there are many entertainment areas for children at the hotel. While you are having your own holiday, your kids will also have fun moments with their new friends at Ali Bey Sorgun with the wide range of children animations, playgrounds and Aqua Park. 

Hotel Facilities

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