Calista Luxury Resort Hotel

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Belek / Antalya
Guest Scores 9.3
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You want to have a great vacation. However, you have some concerns with the accommodation. Because it is very difficult to find a hotel that provides both high quality service you want and be subject to a complete holiday village. We have prepared this article that we think will help you to decide easier.
Where is Calista Luxury Resort, the resort you can have a vacation in a holiday paradise and get a perfect service? Located in Belek, Antalya, this facility is also very close to the touristic spots in the region. The services and facilities offered by the hotel are exactly the kind that you are looking for. As soon as you enter the hotel, you feel the presence of comfort and spaciousness before you even checked in to your room. This nice feeling keeps chasing you during your stay.

Hotel Services and Facilities 
The hotel offers you every service you may need during your stay. In addition, it has every opportunity to start your day with pleasure and continue in the same way. Before talking about the features of the rooms and the activity areas of the hotel, let's talk about a few major topics.
First of all, if you come to the hotel with your own vehicle, you can benefit from the free parking lot. You are connected to unlimited internet throughout the facility so you do not have to stay away from social media. Your days will start with the wonderful Mediterranean breakfast and end in a fun way without even leaving the facility. Then, you retreat to your spacious and comfortable room and gain energy for the next day. Calista Luxury Resort is a facility that will get full score in terms of price and services. Let's continue our article with the features of the rooms you will stay.

Room Features
The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, mini bar and sitting area as standard. In addition, a private balcony where you can enjoy the Mediterranean view is available in every room. On this balcony, you can watch the sunset in the evening or you can start to the day with a nice view while you enjoy your morning coffee. The choice is yours.
Each room has soundproof and blackout curtains. In this way, you will sleep in a quiet and dark environment. So you will wake up vigorously the next day and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The facility, which also pays maximum attention to hygiene, takes great care in the ventilation of the rooms. You will stay in a completely allergen - free environment. The staff is very careful with the cleaning materials used to your belongings. 
Let us state that room service is always at your service. In addition, toiletries that you may need during your holiday are offered exclusively to each guest. If you wish, you can stay in connected rooms. Calista carries out a quality service understanding in hotel rooms and throughout the facility. You do not need to leave your room to drink coffee and tea during the day. Because the tea / coffee set up is available in each room. The facility has meticulously prepared every detail required for a comfortable stay. Your only task is to enjoy your holiday.

Entertainment Facilities of the Hotel
In addition to the comfort of the rooms, the fun of your days is also an important element for your holiday. We can start counting the entertainment facilities of the hotel with the ‘’pool’’. Calling it a ‘’single pool’’ would not be correct. Because there are various pools in the facility. First of all, there are separate pools for adults and children. Then we can list the types of pools as outdoor, indoor, private and heated. In addition, there is a pool with a shallow part. Here you will feel like you are at the sea.
The water slides in the hotel create an enjoyable alternative to the time you spend in the pool. When you slide down from the slides, the happiness that will occur when you meet the cold water under summer heat is priceless and indescribable. Of course, you may not want to spend time in the pool every day. Then you can go to the hotel's own beach to cool off, swim and participate in various activities. Among these activities, diving school will be a very different experience for you. With the help of a professional team, you can have a great dive and learn about the unknown of the sea.
Speaking of entertainment, we can include the game hall, bowling area, animation team and night club in the entertainment concept of the facility. You can also be in the entertainment areas that appeal to you the most. In this sense, the hotel has many possibilities and it is not possible to get bored among them.

Calista Luxury Resort and Wellness
In Calista Luxury Resort Belek, you can participate in sports activities to have an amusing vacation. During your stay, you can keep your body vigorous and get healthier than ever.  So, when we say sports activities, what sports can you do in the facility? First, you can start the day with a nice working out program in the Fitness Center. In addition, there are areas where you can have a pleasant time and exercise at the same time. Examples include golf course, aerobics, tennis court and table tennis field. As a result, you have the opportunity to do sports as you wish.

Services for Families with Children
If you want to go on a vacation and have a small child, you don't need to think twice. Because with the right hotel selection, you can have a holiday with your children with peace of mind. At this point, Calista Hotel comes to your rescue with its activities and services appealing to children. The most important of these services is that there is a separate buffet and food menu for your children. We all know that little ones choose too much food, and sometimes we have difficulties finding food when they get hungry. Thanks to the special menus prepared for children, they are fed in a healthy way and you can easily enjoy your meal.
Various activities are organized at the hotel where you can spend time with your children. In addition, there are also indoor and outdoor playgrounds, children's club and various playground equipments. If they wish, your children can spend time here with their own age group of friends. It is possible to find many cartoon channels suitable for children on the televisions in the rooms. In general, Calista Luxury Belek has all the equipment for your comfort and for you to have fun.

Hotel Facilities