Caresse a Luxury Collection Villas

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Bodrum / Mugla
Guest Scores 9.3
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Caresse a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Bodrum;  You can find the chance to catch the exciting events of Bodrum at Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa hotel, which is beautiful and magnificent enough to impress the viewers. You can see the famous Bodrum Castle and enjoy the delicious dishes of Turkish and world cuisines. Located at the edge of the deep blue Bodrum Sea, this unique hotel also has indoor and outdoor pools. While enjoying the summer season and the sun shine, you can relax on the extremely comfortable sun loungers. Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Bodrum Hotel, which is also very close to historical sites, has many places to visit. Valuable guests who want to have a different holiday experience can join yacht and boat tours to the most beautiful, clean and untouched bays of the Bodrum Sea. If you want to experience a privileged holiday in Bodrum, you can come to Caresse Hotel without hesitation.

Hotel Accommodation
Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort Bodrum has 67 extremely luxurious and comfortable hotel rooms, 9 suites and one Caresse King Villa, which provides everything you are looking for a perfect holiday. You have the opportunity to have nice conversations while enjoying the magnificent Aegean Sea view from the terraces or balconies in the rooms. The Caresse Hotel brings unlimited possibilities to meet all the needs of the guests. Highly equipped living rooms have been designed with products with new generation technology. In your room, which is furnished to make you feel like you are home by providing you the comfort you need, you can enjoy a quality sleep thanks to the large beds.

Deluxe Room
Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort, Deluxe rooms serve you with a total living space of 36 sqm. These rooms, which maximum two people can accommodate, have been designed with great care. Its comfortable beds provide good sleep quality. In the Deluxe Rooms, where you can see the traces of elegant touches in the decoration, has every equipment suitable for your needs.

Deluxe Marine Room
Marine themes were applied in these 40 sqm rooms in Caresse. The touches of extremely impressive design catch the eye in the Deluxe Marine Rooms. Thanks to the sea themed decoration applied to these rooms, you can enjoy the sea both inside the rooms and on the hotel's beach. You won’t regret to book a Deluxe Marine Room. The maximum capacity of these rooms is up to two people. 

Caresse Residence
Caresse Residences is a special room suitable for large families, where a maximum of eight people can easily stay. It offers a very comfortable living space of 125 sqm in total with great grace. In addition to all these, you can have an unforgettable holiday experience in your room where you can watch the magnificent sea and nature view.

Caresse King Villa
Our valuable guests who prefer to stay in Caresse Hotel enjoy the privilege of unlimited service in Caresse King Villa. Caresse King Villa has a very bright and original design, offers 305 sqm total space along with a striking living space. While watching the view of the endless Bodrum Sea from the terrace of this unique villa, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Jacuzzi to get refreshed and relaxed. This villa is the area where the most luxurious services are offered in Bodrum Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa hotel. You can come here not only in summer but also in winter and enjoy the nice touch of the cosy atmosphere and fireplace that will warm you up. You can collect good memories together with conversations in the dining and sitting area in Caresse King Villa.

Two Bedroom Suite
The Double Bedroom Suite in Caresse has a very large and useful area of 145 sqm in total. Preferred by families and large groups of friends, this suite has an atmosphere where you can stay with pleasure. Simple lines and touches are clearly visible in its design. Focusing on the comfort of the guests, one of the two bedroom suite has a large bed while the other is offering two comfortable beds that are separate from one and other. Each of the bedrooms in this private suite has a beautifully designed bathroom.

Premiere Residence
As a beautiful part of Bodrum Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort Hotel, Premiere Residence offers spacious rooms with a living area. The Residence is approximately 375 sqm in total. The guests who choose to stay in Premiere Residence will feel like they are at home as the Residence provides the comfort of your own home. You can see the traces of plain touches in the room design in which extremely soft colours are used. Due to its location, behind the main building, this residence also has a well - kept green garden. A very large living room will be waiting for the guests to have nice conversations in the evening. 

Hotel Kitchen
You can try different flavours of Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines at Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort Hotel. The Hotel pays maximum attention to get the meals prepared by expert chefs for you in order to give you the best service as possible. As in Bodrum City Center, this luxury Resort has beautiful Restaurants where you can taste all gourmet tastes without stepping outside. 

Glass Restaurant and Lounge Bar
Guests who choose to stay in Caresse can try the delicious dishes prepared in Glass Restaurant section with a very unique decoration between 07:30 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening. The products of world cuisine with different and appetizing flavours are presented to you with great care from the hands of experienced chefs. When you want to drink refreshing drinks, you can try the special cocktail mixes prepared by the bartenders and you can have pleasant moments here.

Buddha Bar Beach Restaurant
Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort, Buddha Bar Beach Restaurant, with its magnificent sea and nature view, offers gourmet delicacies to our valued hotel guests. The freshly prepared colourful sushi plate, accompanied by pleasant conversations in a very warm and peaceful atmosphere, stands out as a taste that must be tried. For a different holiday experience, you can say hello to the unlimited possibilities of Caresse Hotel and start planning your trip.

Hotel Spa Center
You can leave all your tiredness in the luxury Spa Center, which has the unlimited service concept of Caresse, a Luxury Collection Resort Spa Hotel. In line with your needs, you can get an appointment from expert therapists and attend to massage sessions that suit you. You can also have a scrub and foam care to experience the purifying and regenerating effects of Turkish bath pleasure, known as a traditional cleansing ritual. Guests, who would like to stay fit during vacation, can use the Fitness Center, which is open 24 hours a day, and offers the opportunity to work out with modern equipment.

Hotel Location
Caresse A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Hotel is located in Bodrum - Asarlık. The facility, which has an extremely convenient location, is visited by many local and foreign tourists every season. You can easily reach this wonderful hotel in Bodrum by air, road or seaway. It is 45 kilometers away from Bodrum Milas Airport and only 2 kilometers from the city center. You can take your place in Caresse Hotel with full of privileges in order to experience unforgettable moments in Bodrum.

Hotel Facilities